About Us

Scanwell Logistics is a fully integrated, privately held, 3rd and 4th party logistics provider with over 39 years of experience. Adam Ho started Scanwell in Hong Kong in 1981 and became one of the top five pacific trade lane transporters by maintaining award winning service and expertise in the trans-continental transportation and logistics industry. Scanwell has grown to have over 60 worldwide offices and has recently been named in the 2018 Top 50 freight forwarders for both Air and Ocean for North America by Transport Topics.

As Scanwell continued to grow and our customer base diversified we became accustomed to seeing communal problems our clients were having. SLL International, which serves as a sister company, was established to alleviate these issues by offering customizable solutions and programs. Smart Trade Solutions is an assortment of services formulated for the unique needs of small-to-medium enterprises (SME’s). These services are consolidated into four programs designed to work together, however each can be used individually and it is fully customizable to your needs.

By implementing a package that is tailor-made for you, we offer an affordable solution to elevate your business. SLL International provides professional support in all areas of the supply chain process and utilizes our industry experience to continuously work with you to maintain your optimal cost-efficient bundle. With features like a database management tool, “back office” support, financial assistance, and more; SLL International is far and away your best move.

獅威物流有限公司 是一家擁有超過39年經驗的集團式、私營、第三和第四方物流供應商。Adam Ho於1981年在香港創立了獅威物流,通過在跨大陸運輸和物流行業保持屢獲殊榮的服務和專業知識,成為五大跨太平洋貿易通道轉運商之一。獅威已經發展到全球60多個辦事處,最近更被Transport Topics列入為2018全球頭50位北美空運及海運代理。 空運海運 代理。



狮威物流有限公司 是一家拥有超过39年经验的集团式、私营、第三和第四方物流供应商。 Adam Ho于1981年在香港创立了狮威物流,通过在跨大陆运输和物流行业保持屡获殊荣的服务和专业知识,成为五大跨太平洋贸易通道转运商之一。狮威已经发展到全球60多个办事处,最近更被Transport Topics列入为2018全球头50位北美空运及海运代理。 空运海运 代理。