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Cargo Insurance

In global trading, cargo is transferred through various methods; dealing with a plethora of risks and liabilities. Insurance plays a vital role in providing protection from these unknowns. However, a lack of awareness and understanding has shown that when an incident does occur, a vast majority of parties are found to be without coverage and face huge losses as a result. The importance of cargo insurance is often downplayed; leading to miscommunications and misconceptions about if the shipping party is covered.

Common Misconceptions are:

  • Parties mistakenly believing that the Haulers and Freight Forwarders possess the needed insurance as this is to protect their legal liabilities and not the client’s cargo.
  • Parties believing goods only cover the losses from physical damage in certain transit area. Typically marine cargo covers the world and offers insured storage both before and after the journey.
  • General lack of knowledge about shipping emergencies. If all or part of the cargo is lost or damaged in order to save the ship in an emergency, then cargo owners must absorb the loss.

Marine cargo insurance is available for a wide range of circumstances and may be useful and/or required for companies that are:

  • Exporters
  • Importers
  • Wholesalers
  • Reatilers
  • Manufacturers
  • Contractors
  • Suppliers
  • Overseas Exhibitors
  • Franchisors or Franchisees

Why purchase cargo insurance from us?

1. We have experienced and dedicated associates who ensure the claims are filed accurately, with all the appropriate necessities each time.

2. We offer insurance for cargo covering a huge array of goods; from general cargo to high value precious metals.

3. Our insurance expenses are much lower in comparison to other master carriers.

4. Other carriers’ indemnity coverage is limited for cargo loses. In contrast, our indemnity coverage is based on the actual insure value and subject to a minimal deductible.

5. We offer complimentary cargo insurance if client uses our other solution services.