In the modern era, a business with a demand driven supply chain requires visibility within that chain in order to have adequate time to adapt to unforeseen circumstances. A company must be able to trust and have confidence in their freight forwarder and that comes with having visibility of your products. The initial development of the POM system was to provide a comprehensive yet affordable system for customers to track and trace their shipments. As the needs of our customers’ grow, we continue to update, renovate, and expand our programs capabilities to adjust accordingly.


  • Database management tool
  • Accessibility to all reported POs
  • E-booking functions and approval
  • Shipment tracking
  • Push reports (daily updates, delay reports, customs report)
  • Push notification (alerts)


  • No need to set up your own server
  • No need for data management
  • compatible to fit your ETL process
  • Excel CSV Reports
  • Full access to your shipping details
  • Only charged on a per shipment base
  • Rate breakdown and quotation
  • Customizable push reports
  • Linked track and trace system with major shipping vessels
  • Remove redundant communication between shipper and consignee; automatic updates via EDI

Mainstream data management tools generally require hefty subscriptions to access their data; charging for an abundance of useless added features. Our program is customizable for your needs, easy to use, has a basic UI, is mobile device compatible, and you are only charged on a per shipment bases.

POM has been designed to be adaptable, but straightforward. It is intended to simplify the operations and management process and can even be used in conjunction with any freight forwarder.

*All new customers are able to benefit from an initial 60 day trial period to familiarize and determine if our Purchase Order Management system is the right I.T. tool for them.