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Smart Trade Processing

Money and financial flexibility is a substantial concern for a vast majority of businesses and business owners. Suppliers are often reluctant to offer credit and almost always need the payment in hand before beginning production. Having paid a significant investment for products or merchandise, companies are left waiting for it to arrive in order to recuperate their costs. While a business is in the start-up, growth, or expanding phase, this can be a major financial burden and eliminates the ability to use that money to foster business development.

The Smart Trade Processing program was designed to alleviate that problem and allows you to utilize your money in better ways. When using our program, we offer to extend credit to cover both freight costs and purchase orders, either as a down payment or for the entire purchase order; dependent on the amount requested and credit limit approved.





Benefits of Smart Trade Processing:



  • Simple application process
  • No hassle initial approve credit limit of up to $20,000 USD
  • Extended credit terms through Smart Trade Processing program which allows financial flexibility on working capitals
  • No application fee
  • No setup fee
  • No Interest
  • One time fee per transaction when credit line is utilized
  • Risk mitigation especially for business dealings with foreign vendors or buyers
  • No binding contractual agreements on terms of usage
  • 簡單的申請程序
  • 核准的信貸額高達美元$20,000
  • 通過此計劃來延長信貸期限以增加營運資金的財務彈性
  • 沒有申請費用
  • 風險緩釋 – 尤其對於與海外供應商或買家而言
  • 沒有約束力的使用條款
  • 简单的申请程序
  • 核准的信贷额高达美元$ 20,000
  • 通过此计划来延长信贷期限以增加营运资金的财务弹性
  • 没有申请费用
  • 风险缓释 - 尤其对于与海外供应商或买家而言
  • 没有约束力的使用条款